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Potentiostat & Galvanostat PG 2.0

Potentiostat and Galavanostat PG 2.0

The “Potentiostat & Galvanostat PG 2.0“ is an electronic equipment which may be either employed as a Potentiostat or Galvanostat. It is needed for many measurements in the fields of Ionics, conventional Electrochemistry and in many other disciplines.
  • The Potentiostat allows to control precisely the electrical potential of an electrode (working electrode WE or measuring electrode) with reference to a second electrode which does not pass any current (reference electrode RE or potential electrode). The current which has to be drawn in order to provide the required potential at the working electrode WE is passed through a third electrode (counter electrode CE or current electrode).

    The electrical current is measured together with the potential between the working and counter electrode. The speed required for the voltage to reach a given value or to follow any changes of the system (rise time) is extraordinarily fast (speed: 106 V/s).

    Short-circuiting the plugs of the reference electrode 'RE and the counter electrode CE allows to operate the potentiostat as a 2-electrode voltage source.
  • The Galvanostat controls precisely the current between the working electrode WE and the counter electrode CE. The two potentials of the working vs. reference electrode and working vs. counter electrode are measured.
  • In addition, the instrument allows to be operated as a high impedance voltmeter (> 1012 Ohm) for voltage measurements between the working electrode and the electrical shielding.

The potential and current are set by two potentiometers in series, each from -2 to +2 V and from -0.1 to +0.1 A (optionally from -1 to +1 A at an extra charge), respectively. These signals may become superimposed by the application of an external voltage (e.g., from a battery) with any time dependence (e.g., a periodic signal) and of any magnitude up to a total of 10 V.

BNC outlets are available for the current and the two voltages of the working vs. reference and working vs. counter electrode at the front panel. In addition, outlets are available at the back to set and record the voltages and current by a computer and recorder.


Internal voltage setting: -4 to +4 V (2 x -2 to +2 V)
External voltage setting: -5 bis +5 V
Voltage range: -10 bis +10 V
Response time: >106 V/s
Current range: 10 nA bis 0.1 A (0.1 mA bis 1 A, extra charge)


Width: ca 45 cm (instrument may be installed in a 19" rack without removing the case)
Height: ca 18 cm
Depth: ca. 26 cm
Weight: ca 5 kp