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Tubular Furnace TF 2.0

The Tubular Furnace TF 2.0 has been designed specifically to fit the sample holder Kiel Cell KC 2.0 from Ionic Systems. It is also very suitable for many other applications in view of the favorable size of the heated zone.

The furnace is resistance-heated by using Kanthal wire and has a maximum operation temperature of 1200 oC. For higher tem-peratures, also platinum heating wires are available. The heater tube is carefully thermally insulated (Fiberfrax). The furnace has a cylindrical double-walled stainless steel/aluminium housing.

The sample holder may be directly attached to the furnace by integrated rods. Variations are easily possible for other experimental requirements.

The furnace may be operated in any position, e.g., vertical or horizontal, according to the special requirements. A commercial temperature controller of high quality is being used which is adopted to the resistance of the furnace.


Heating wire: Kanthal, ca 50 W (Pt upon request)
Working temperature: RT - 1150 oC
Temperature measurement: NiCr, Ni thermocouple
Thermal insulation: Fiberfrax
Housing: double-walled stainless steel-aluminium


Length: ca. 35 cm
Diameter of the furnace (without sample holder): ca 20 cm
Inner diameter of the ceramic heating tube: ca 7.5 cm