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Sample Holder (Kiel Cell) KC 2.0

The sample holder is a basic equipment which is needed for most of the experiments in the field of Solid State Ionics and in other research areas. It has been developed in the Laboratory for Sensors and Solid State Ionics at Kiel University, Germany, and is based on many improvements over a long period of experience. This sample holder allows:

• To hold common-sized samples and entire solid state galvanic cells inside a given atmosphere which either protects the experimental arrange-ment from chemical reactions or allows to provide a defined partial pressure of a gas. A high-vacuum gas-tight glass cylinder protects the arrangement from the air and is made of quartz (for higher operating temperatures) or Duran/ Pyrex glass (for intermediate operating tempera-tures). In the case of quartz glass two versions are available, depending on the requirement of prevention of oxygen diffusion through quartz glass at high operating temperatures. For most needs it is sufficient to choose a single quartz glass tube. For more sophisticated applications, the double walled quartz glass cylinder should be used which passes the gas through the intermediate space inbetween the two walls to remove any oxygen which has diffused through the outer tube.

6 high-vacuum gas-tight glass-sealed electrical BNC feed-throughs are installed. This allows to measure several samples and galvanic cells at the same time.

The samples and galvanic cells may be spring-loaded by an adjustable pressure which may be varied from the outside.

• To hold a tube, e.g., a solid oxide ion conducting zirconia tube which is closed at one end, in order to provide two separate gas compartments (inside and outside the tube). Samples may be spring-loaded against the outside and inside bottom areas of the tube.

6 high vacuum electrical BNC feed-throughs are available in this case to the outside of the tube.

For the gas-inlet and gas-outlet high-vacuum gas-tight swagelock quick connectors are supplied.

The sample holder KC 2.0 may be used in any position, e.g., vertically or horizontally. The arrangement, including the glass cylinder may be inserted into a tubular fuurnace for temperature dependent measurements. A suitable furnace is available from Ionic Systems (TF 2.0).


Bottom part: stainless steel, BNC glass-sealed feed throughs
Glass vessel: optionally Duran/Pyrex double-walled, quartz single-walled
and quartz double-walled


Diameter of stainless steel bottom part: ca 75 mm
Height of stainless steel bottom part: ca 45 mm (without screw)
Diameter of glass tube (outside): ca 45 mm
Diameter of glass tube (inside): ca 35 mm
Length of glass tube: ca 350 mm
Length overall: ca 450 mm
Dimensions of the Sample and Galvanic Cell: max. diameter 15 mm,
max. thickness/height 40 mm (customer designed other dimensions are possible)

Optional Models

- Double walled Duran/Pyrex glass
- Single walled quartz glass tube
- Double walled quartz glass tube